Princess Hair Plug was founded by YouTube beauty sensation Tyme the Infamous in November of 2017. She is known not only for her intense makeup tutorials that have amassed 50 million views, but she’s also known for her wigs. Tyme began making wigs 5 years ago in 2012. She was the first influencer in the YouTube beauty community to set the trend of wearing colorful wigs for everyday use. Her popularity grew and she was approached by a start up company to promote their hair products. Tyme quickly grew that business into a million dollar company in 2 years. After finding out some unethical practices were going on by the company, Tyme decided to part ways and start her own hair company.
“After having so much experience handling virgin hair, I knew what I liked and disliked. Once I had to go out and start buying hair as a normal consumer I noticed what was lacking in the industry. So I wanted to create something to cater to not only my subscribers, but to women who bought hair on a regular basis like me. I wanted to become the plug. So I created Princess Hair Plug.”
Tyme began utilizing her contacts and requesting samples from numerous hair vendors. After 6 months of searching she found a source she was happy with. Since then, she has been testing the hair for 18 months to make sure the hair quality is consistent, that it lasts, and it can hold up to any and every color she or her subscribers want to experiment with. Tyme then took it one step further. She didn’t want to be a traditional virgin hair company. She made strides to become a hair company of the future. “There were numerous things I wanted from hair companies that they didn’t offer. One being how hair bundles work. Why isn’t there ever a deal where you can get exactly what you need for a full install for a good price? I wear 4 bundles of the same length all the time. Why do companies only offer 24”,26”,28”? I need 4 bundles AND I need them to all be the same long length. 28”,28”,28”,28” and I need a closure to come in the bundle deal! If I’m buying bulk I expect a deal. The 4th bundle and closure shouldn’t be sold to me à la carte. A full wig with a closure or frontal is the norm now. So that’s what I’m going to offer. Not only did I want to provide hair, I wanted to provide a service. For millennials. There are 92 million Millennials in the US. The way we buy and our expectations of brands are changing thanks to technology. Millennials are turning to brands that offer maximum convenience at the lowest cost. That’s exactly what Princess Hair Plug is. We offer the lowest prices on hair by cutting out the middle man, and deliver your hair kit to you so you have everything you need to make a wig. Wigs are so trendy right now but people want the look for less. That’s what we’re here for. My tutorials are there to show you how to do it.”
Princess Hair Plug is a full range virgin hair line that offers Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian bundles 12”-30”, closures, frontals, and 360° frontals. Everything is available in natural black and 613 blonde. It also features bundles for those on a budget and those looking for top-of-the-line hair. The Pro Bundles are great for entry level quality virgin hair. They are Grade 7A. The Luxe Bundles are high end 9A double-drawn wefts which are thick and luxurious from root to end. Celebrity quality. “I wanted to have something for everyone. I personally use the Pro Bundles to make my wigs but I knew there was going to be a high expectation for my hair line so I wanted to make sure we carried the best of the best as well. The hair quality is still there 100% for both types. It’s just a matter of if you want a Mercedes or a Rolls Royce.”