360° FRONTALS | 14"-24"
360° FRONTALS | 14"-24"

360° FRONTALS | 14"-24"

Princess Hair Plug

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Endless hair flips here we come! Our 360° frontals are a perfect base for our most magical styles. Finally! A way we can pull our hair up into a ponytail without anyone knowing we're wearing a full weave. Includes 2 hooks in the rear of the unit for an extra layer of security. For a full look complete your order with 2 bundles of Brazilian hair. If you're going for a sleek ponytail look we recommend 1.5 bundles of Peruvian. 360° frontal pictured is body wave texture. Read our reviews below!

If you're using a 360° FRONTAL for your install we recommend the following amount of bundles:
Installs 14"-24" = 1.5 bundles for a NATURAL look
Installs 14"-24" = 2 bundles MAX for a full look. Anything more will look bulky and unnatural



All 360° frontals, closures, and frontals from Princess Hair Plug contain 100% virgin hair grade 7A. Can be paired with our Pro Bundles or Luxe Bundles because they are made by hand with much finer hair than the bundles. Available in natural black or 613 blonde. Hair color is sold separately and only available for purchase with our Princess Hair Kits. This hair can be washed, processed, bleached, colored, and curled or flat ironed.  Please process hair at your own risk. See our Virgin Hair Care page for more info on caring for your virgin hair.